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Strategic Communications

Driving news in today’s fragmented media environment requires precision and execution. We provide you with a tactical playbook on how to effectively tell your story and reach your desired audiences. We take a research-driven approach to designing an actionable communications plan that elevates your message and generates earned media coverage for your organization or campaign.


Content Strategy

We’re in an era where content is king. Your broader communications strategy must incorporate modern creative content that allows your message to be a steady drumbeat with your audiences. We’ll work with various departments within your campaign or organization to create cohesion across all platforms and channels to ensure message discipline.


Message Development

The average attention span for media consumption gets shorter every year. It’s imperative you make the most of limited opportunities you have to grab an audience's attention with consistent messages that actually resonate. At Monadnock Strategies, we prioritize close collaboration with you to gain a deep understanding of your mission and goals, and then develop messaging that is clear, concise, and tailored to connect with the intended audience.


Media Relations

Effective media relations requires a keen understanding of the news cycle and the ability to leverage existing relationships with members of the press corps. With strong journalist relationships forged over more than a decade in national politics, we help turn your positive moments into news and challenge stories that could harm your image.


Media Training and Debate Prep

Win the interview or debate before the camera turns on with the right preparation. At Monadnock Strategies, we have worked with a wide range of political and business leaders to help improve their media apperances and debate performance. Our team understands that media training and debate prep is not just about improving presentation, but also about learning how to communicate complex ideas in a simple way. With our guidance, you will step in front of the camera with the skills, confidence, and discipline necessary to effectively communicate your message and respond to tough questions.


Public Affairs

Consequential policy debates are happening in Washington, DC, state capitals, and localities as you read this. If your organization or cause wants its voice heard, Monadnock Strategies is perfectly suited to manage any public affairs campaign due to its deep understanding of the complex political landscape and what drives change. Our experience is in managing sophisticated communications operations that shape public opinion and build a coalition of support. Whether it’s national or state policy, we have extensive knowledge of the important stakeholders who matter for achieving desired outcomes.


Crisis Management

No problem is too big to overcome if you have an experienced team that can meet the moment. While every situation is unique, we can draw upon our extensive knowledge and expertise gained in challenging situations to quickly identify the best path forward for your brand or campaign. Years spent in the national political arena has prepared our team to devise an effective response and immediately put you back on offense.